Smiley face I was a normal man from a middle class family, doing struggle with my life at kolkata. I started live alone from All family members and relatives to make me hard. I could’t found a way where i can go through and attach my life. I completed my Graduation on 2009 then i joined call centre then i started pursuing MCA with my job. After a certain time i leave call centre job and i lost also my MCA study. I rejoin a marketing job and started finding a suitable job where i can work with my passion but again i leave my job. I got a chance to work in media industry as an observer, i started my post and decided to be final that one.

While doing that job i got realise lot’s of products we use here like Lights, Makeup, Hair, Art etc those are not fully available at online store. That was the reason we were getting those from market and not in any fixed shop where could find all in one place. I decided to solve that problem for all my colleague who are doing same work. That thought became big and made a plan to serve others people also.


Smiley face Where the thought came in mind to make online shopping portal for serve people where peoples can get their daily product at home. Started to made it successfully but Situation gone wrong then i leave me from there for a while but plan not deleted from my mind. After a while again i came back to my plan and made me strict on that. I decided to make it live whatever the situation will come further. As was my plan to make it live it was too taught for me like that way. As a middle class person making a e-commerce portal not like that much easy as much an open physical shop. I started to learn about e-commerce portal and related things which are should be there. I made a graph for my portal and start to get each information about every single line.

Within a certain time i collected all the information about my graph and made me finally a strong fighter to be present me in e-commerce business. I did’t think me to present as an entrepreneur just i was completing my wish.


Smiley face I started my first step to make a website by a name ” Film Shop India “, i could’t find a suitable way complete that step. After a certain time i got one and 50% of my site work had been completed but got lot’s of problem regarding theme, payment gateway, GST, Looks everything. I got again confidence-less situation because i did’t had that much finance where i could make it by any web page maker. There had also another problem came on GST, should have a private limited company for that also time of name registration got a problem with name ” Film Shop India “.I got totally lost and fully confidence-less, what will be the step.

After one week again i started my walk, first i got registration my company name ” Celavo e com (opc) private limited ” as a single director private limited company. I took a domain by my company name and started to make a website. I took a better theme and started to editing, adding plugin, payment gateway, others services. That time i learned lot’s of difficulties but overcome all and finally made it by own, no one is there with me. Yes definitely other than all some of my workers was there who totally support me mentally.


Smiley face Yes after that successful service i have lot’s of plan with that, first one is lowest price of products should be here. It’s a challenge to me that i will give low cost service in my India, where everyone can get that service. I don’t have wish to make more money, i need to serve more people.
My second wish is to make my own workplace where all products would be made, i need to stop buying products from another country. We will make whatever we needed in our life that may be can take time but my wish is to complete that. I need to see all India’s to use our own country made products. I have that kind of think peoples can use better if we makes for them to.
I need to work for my country, i need to serve my country peoples more. Nothing more wishes i have till to complete, yes will try from different way to help people rather than e-commerce.