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  1. Just open Celavo homepage (click here) and middle header position there has a Vendor option in menu.
  2. Click on Vendor option.
  3. After open Vendor page click on register.

Yes better to use your personal ID but all notification will be sent on registered mail id so it can be down your personal mail. You can make a email id by your shop name and use that easly.

Yes definitely, you have to submit your all correct data while registering also after registration have to fill up profile details there.

Yes you have to pay 15% commission to the Celavo from your selling item. In this 15% commission Celavo will giving you a place in Indian market, Celavo will deliver your product behalf of you, Celavo will pay for your online transaction fees, Celavo will brand your products, Celavo will help you to get your products ad at google and may more…

Yes surely, you have to decide the slavs as govt gst rull has in India. Celavo will not take a part of there, you have to choose genuine slavs by products hsn code basis. While selling products you have submit your gst to the govt finally.

Yes, you have to log in to your dashboard and there has withdraw option. Once click on withdraw option you can see how much products you have sell already and how amount you can withdraw at the time. Select amount and submit a request for withdraw. After reviewing your withdraw request admin will approve that and your amount will be transfer to mention account.

Yes once you have submit your application our staff will be verify your document and after all verification done you will get notified for log in your dashboard. You can also contact to customer care division for more information about registration.

First of it’s mandatory to have a gst registration otherwise make a call to customer care unit for your reason or email us to write down at : contact@celavo.in

Some Useful Features In Vendor Dashboard

As a vendor it is mandatory to maintain proper GST rate slave for selling products. Get the GST rate chart list with HSN number to put exact slave as per govt of India.